About Us / Who we are / Mission Statement

Hospitality Search International specialises in executive and managerial recruitment for the Hospitality Industry, both across the UK and Internationally. Within the Hospitality Industry HSI focuses on executive and management positions for the Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Conference & Events, Casino and cruise lines.

Establishment in 1995, HSI has prided itself on its expertise in understanding and recruiting for the Hospitality Industry. HSI has a personal representation approach in handling its executive and managerial assignment searches.

Our consultants have decades of experience in recruiting for the Hospitality industry and they have built up an excellent network of relationships as well as a deep understanding of the market place. Our consultant’s expertise together with our approach is focused on finding the right fit for both candidate and client, whilst delivering a quality service.

Our success is built on investing in relationships and doing it the right way. Going beyond phone calls and e-mails, taking the time to attend forums, being active members of professional groups and social media. Getting to know clients and candidates on a personal level and supporting and nurturing the relationships we establish. It is a philosophy that underpins everything we do and allows us to successfully cater to the needs of both clients and candidates in the best way possible.

We know what it takes and how to match the right candidate to the right client.


Success will come and go in your life, but integrity is with you forever. Integrity is doing the correct things all the time, regardless of the consequences. Thus, our recruitment consultant’s integrity is not to over promise or under deliver. We embrace our differences and are honest, ethical and committed.


Our recruitment consultants are driven and committed to engage and inspire in order to deliver results to our clients.


We work closely with our clients to understand and identify the recruitment challenges in the organization. We will then provide frank and honest recommendations in order to help achieve positive results throughout the recruitment process.


It is essential to be professional if you want to be successful. Being professional means conducting oneself with responsibility, integrity, accountability and work excellence. Our recruitment code of conduct and quality characterizes and projects a professional image.


We are committed to all of our clients and when we make a promise to our clients we do everything we can to uphold our end of the arrangement. If for some reason we are unable to achieve the agreed upon deadline or terms, we will let the client know as soon as possible in order to help prevent their operation from bottlenecking. Commitment ignites action, responsibility and excellence. Our recruitment consultants are firmly committed to their jobs and it is the strength of this commitment that will lead to both the company and client to success. The quality of the company commitment to the client is always based on the quality of the committed recruitment consultants.


At Hospitality Search International, we consider the research phase critical. Our energy and focus gives us the impetus to dig deeper and look harder to identify the perfect candidate to suit your business needs and culture. When we find the candidate, no other firm would put more passion into promoting the opportunity and no other firm would manage the candidate journey so smoothly and sensitively.


We have significant client-side experience. We believe in fully immersing ourselves in your business to fully understand your aspirations, culture and environment. That way, when managing a search assignment for you, we know exactly where to look to find the best talent to suit your organisation. This deep understanding of your business allows us to accurately assess whether an individual has the right style and behaviours to fit and be successful within your business.

At HSI we believe in the following values:

We will set the standard in service delivery by which all other businesses will be measured, by constantly providing outstanding, personalised and commercial solutions to the hospitality and leisure sector; living the value of our brand in everything we do. 

  • Partnership
  • Experience
  • Passion
  • Success
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Confidentially
  • Our Employees
  • Innovation
  • Standards
  • Our Culture

Partnership: By understanding our client’s business and our candidate’s qualities we can create a truly collaborative and transparent approach. To make this a reality we must have the best people in our business who motivate and deliver for all partners.

Experience: Track record and industry knowledge is essential to everything we do. We empower our people to make decisions and encourage initiative to benefit all stakeholders, whilst embracing the benefits of diversity.

Passion: We are passionate about the hospitality and leisure industry and will do everything we can to promote it. We believe innovation is essential to our growth; we say what we think and know that being challenged is fundamental to delivering.

Success: We give our people the opportunity to work hard, develop themselves and the brand, and to share in the rewards, having fun whilst doing it.

Respect: Delivering on our promises is at the core of what we do; remaining commercially successful and ethically aware. We will act with the utmost integrity and will always do what we believe is right.

Honesty: We have operated for over 25 years and over this period we have witnessed certain trends in people’s behaviour. We like it when people have the same approach in life. Honesty can help to get rid of tension and conflicts. We have always tried to develop a good relationship with both employers and candidates. One of the key things we pride ourselves in is integrity with those we deal with. It would really help if everybody in the recruitment industry would be more open and honest with each other. It would make our lives and processes much easier. Honesty is important in many areas of our lives, whether personal or professional.

Integrity: Recently there’s been much internet chatter about recruitment agencies placing fake ads to attract candidates and then pitch those resumes to unwitting clients. You might guess that this often results in candidates being presented to clients without the candidates’ knowledge or consent, which probably isn't going to end well. We operate on that higher plane. All of our candidates are sourced by us, seen by us, assessed by us and presented by us to a real client who has paid us to do that work.  That is why, if we are interested in a candidate, we can furnish a job description (sometimes re-written so as to protect the client’s confidentiality).  And, should the candidate be selected for the shortlist, we can tell him/her exactly who the client is and what to expect.

Confidentially: We hear this all the time, but is it really?  In our world, the answer must always be yes. When executive search is done right, the search consultant becomes just that – a consultant to a company and its senior team and/or individual.  In this critical role we help senior leaders sort through a myriad of talent related issues.  This can include providing insights into competitor talent, helping manage through underperforming executives, benchmarking internal talent, and of course attracting new talent to the organization.  During all of these activities we must keep the veil of confidentiality. This confidentiality also extends to candidates as well. The executives we recruit are high performers who are actively employed. They take a risk when they “raise their hand” to look at external opportunities and we (along with the client) must be sensitive to this. It could be disastrous to have a candidate executive “exposed” to their current company.

Just as we extend this confidentiality to the candidates, we often ask the candidates to remember that many searches are truly “confidential.”  There may be business issues that dictate this secrecy or other personnel considerations.  So, when you receive a call from a search firm and they mention that the search is confidential, please respect this request.

  • Our Employees : We aim to lead our employees towards excellence, recognise achievement and provide opportunity to develop their careers
  • Standards : We aspire to challenge the current perception of retail recruiters through anticipating new trends, striving to create a new set of recruitment standards, and providing a service that our competitors aspire to achieve
  • Our Culture : We intend to develop a culture which promotes team work, shares best practice and maintains high levels of energy, drive and fun
  • Our Brand: We endeavour to maintain the integrity of the Company and develop a profile in the market place that is synonymous with success, value for money, honesty and partner relationships
  • Innovation: We seek to identify and develop new services, recruitment, practices and be innovative in our approach to providing recruitment solutions to maintain and improve our competitive edge in the marketplace


» To represent both candidate and client in a professional manner

» To deliver a personal and high-quality service

» To be accessible and open in our approach

» To give honest feedback and advice

» To act with integrity at all times