In today's recruitment climate, quality candidates are still out there. They are simply choosing to stay where they are, or are being snapped up quickly by the keenest employers.

Our clients tend to be those employers - companies that are serious about attracting the best talent to their business and committed to the process of finding them.

And it starts with preparation.


  • What is the ideal start date of the new candidate?
  • How will their success be measured in the role?
  • What does ‘great’ look like?
  • What challenges will they be facing when they join?



We take all our recommended candidates through a 5-point interview preparation, including a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of your business. This ensures that whoever we recommend will not just understand your business but can demonstrate it at interview and in the job.

Our emphasis on preparation is designed to ensure everyone involved in the recruitment process is working from the same page. After this, the second part of our process should be flawless.


Hospitality Search International always focuses on maintaining a consistent candidate pipeline can affect all areas of a business. For this reason, we always ensure that the execution of our process is aligned to your own HR processes and key performance indicators.


Hospitality Search International uses every means at its disposal to ensure your vacancy is seen by the right people with the right qualifications. This includes:

Our own database

The UK's widest selection of online job-boards and social networking media

Access to Hospitality Search International global database that engages 200,000 skilled employees every year.


We can update clients with weekly reports, ensuring that whatever recruitment solution is required, it remains on track from start to finish.


This is all about understanding what the client expects, what measures they have already taken and how success will be measured. It includes answering some simple but important questions. We follow the progress of our candidates through induction into their new role, typically for 90 days after appointment at agreed intervals.

Our recruitment process has been developed over 25 years in business, developing and adapting as and when new technological innovations come along.

To hear what they have to say about the value we bring to their business, please see our clients

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