How to handle a counter offer when you hand in your notice

If you are offered a pay rise in response to handing in your resignation, we would advise you to proceed with caution.

It can be easy to be enticed by the money, be wooed by your manager’s flattery and comforted by the familiarity of what you know, but before you accept the pay rise and agree to stay, we recommend you consider the following:

1. Why did you want to leave in the first place?

If you were feeling undervalued, frustrated or keen for a new challenge these things are not likely to change.

2. Why did it take a resignation to prompt the pay rise?

If it’s about money, are you going to have to go through this drama every time you want a pay rise? They are probably still saving money - think about how much it would cost to replace you.

3. What does the future hold for you with your existing employer?

Will they trust you and be happy to develop you if they think you are looking at new opportunities, or perhaps they offered you a pay increase as a quick fix and do not see you with them long term?

 4. Why were you interested in the new role?

Something attracted you to and possibly even excited you about the new employer and job. Ask yourself if your existing employer can offer the same.

In most cases an external move brings the greatest opportunity for both career progression and growth in earning potential but it is always worth carefully considering your existing employer’s offer, especially if it is a particularly good deal. However if you decide to continue as planned and make the move, still be sure to thank them for putting together an offer and leave things on a positive note.