Let HSI Help with Personal Domains

One of the other great areas you should give thought to as a great way to get maximum exposure is to get your own domain and use it as a portfolio and for your professional email. Owning your own domain is extremely valuable and worth more than the money you'll pay to get it in the long run. If you would like help with this, Hospitality Search International can provide it for you. Contact us for more information.

Before you say "all the best domains are gone," keep in mind that even if you can't get yourname.com. co.uk etc you should be able to get a variation on it that's close enough for a professional establishment or business to pick up on. Think about when you apply for a new job and in your covering email, letter or on you cv you mention you can see a professional portfolio of you, your skills and why an employer should hire you for the benefit of their business.

You cannot get a better showcase than having your own domain name. Assume your name is JonathanjBishop . When you purchase the domain name “JonathanjBishop.com”, everybody in the world is going to know how to find you online. It gives you a distinction, almost a kind of power, expert status thing.

No matter what your name is, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of other people who share the same name. Yet no other Jonathan J Bishop on earth is going to own that domain name. It’s like being the sole and rightful owner of the online version of your name.

So how do you separate yourself from all the other “Jonathan J Bishop ” online?

This is how this can be done and what we suggest:

Hospitality Search International can assist you with obtaining the domains you require and develop with you the content, etc, to get your own personal profile and portfolio live.  Once live, you can then edit and add content as you wish * terms & conditions

Or you if you have the time and knowhow and feel this is something you wish to tackle yourself, once you own your own domain, you can do anything you want with it. Not only will this help your overall branding online, it will give you a presence you can fully manage.

With your own domain and website you can create a digital base that you can use to communicate with friends, family and acquaintances, potential employers etc. It’s a real online location to refer people if they want to learn more about you.

One of the other great benefits is that you will have your one personalized email account. Instead of having a common address like everybody else in the world – such as JonathanjBishop@yahoo.com or JonathanjBishop@gmail.com – your email can be MyEmail@JonathanjBishop.com.

A hotmail, gmail or a yahoo email account radiates no personal professionalism at all, but once you make the switch to your own personalized domain, your whole image just got an instant upgrade. Best of all, it’s completely affordable and can be set up almost instantly!

Who Can Get a Personalized Domain 

Today anybody can have both their own personal domain name and host their own email accounts and it won’t cost you a fortune to create, or take up all your time to administer. As mentioned, HSI could do this for you.

Owning your own domain and email hosting site not only lets you express your enthusiasm for your chosen profession or organization, but it also casts you in a leadership position when it comes to your personal presence.

12 Benefits of owning your own domain

1. Simplicity. A custom domain such as “JonathanjBishop.com” is easier to remember than a generic, cobranded domain such as “www.google.your business.com’’.

2. Relevance. As of July 2017, there are over 332 million registered domains for over 1.8 billion websites, live on the Internet. The sooner you stake your claim, the more likely it will be that your address matches your profile name.

3. SEO. Search engine optimization to give its full name. You will not just be one of thousands of   Jonathan Bishop on Linkedin,Twitter, facebook. Having your own domain name will increase your website’s positioning under search results on top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your domain is your name.

4. Permanence. Keep your domain name for as long as you want it on online. No one else can use your domain as long as you pay the host and web developer that set it up.

5. Credibility. Prospective employers will more readily engage you with a professional well-presented established online presence – made possible with a personalized domain. So this could get you noticed in a crowd of applicants and make you stand out in today’s digital age. Rather than getting passed over for an interview, this will get you noticed.

6. Locality. Google searches can be heavily influenced by a user’s geographical location, so if you want to appeal to regional employers, take advantage of country extensions on your e.g.“www. JonathanjBishop.com.ca’’

7. Correspondence. Once you acquire a domain, your email address will stand out from the crowd. A custom email address will go a long way in maintaining professional communications with potential employers.

8. Register it or lose it. Because if you do not, someone else will.

9. Customized domains. Will give you a truly online presence and it will establish you in your chosen professional field.

10. Ubiquity. You will have the opportunity to acquire multiple domains with different suffixes (i.e. .org, .net, .me, .co) and associate all of them with your domain.

11. Because you can use it everywhere. You can then use the other social media platforms to draw an audience to your own site.

12. You prevent it being used against you. What happens if you upset a tech savvy individual? I have to admit, on more than one occasion, I've had a quick look to see if the someone who's gone on my bad side was stupid enough to leave their FirstnameLastname.com available. If you don't have some control over what appears when someone enters your name into a browser and adds ".com," then you could rapidly find yourself in some awkward situations. Having an online presence that you have some control over is so important. Don't leave it to Google to decide what people see when they search for you.

We all know they exist. Those horrible photos of you dressed up as Peter Pan for a pantomime, that photo of you in a bear suit that your brother submitted to AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com and, yes, those photos of you engaged in a bit of one-on-one time with a friendly, and very supportive, lamp post. For every search result that you control, you knock those awful images one step further away from prying eyes. They're still there, but at least it's on page ten, not the top of page one!

So in conclusion you gain control of what people see when they search for you – get your own personalised career website and let HOSPITALITY SEARCH INTERNATIONAL HELP .