How we can help you

If we were job seekers ourselves, we would probably ask the same question. There are so many jobs boards, recruitment websites and social media channels that all advertise Hospitality jobs.

Why use Hospitality Search International, a Recruitment Agency/Executive Search firm to find a job?

Simply put - we work on your behalf

We are experienced Hospitality recruitment experts. We partner with hundreds of Hospitality Companies, big & small, globally. That said, we can count amongst these clients many of the foremost hotel companies in the world. These include some of the most luxurious and established properties; companies that are synonymous with tradition, style and great management philosophies; market leaders and innovators; companies that have left their mark in the industry many decades ago and still do today.

This is what we do - we live, breath and dream Hospitality. Most importantly, we put a huge effort into understanding your precise needs and matching those with the right job and the right employer.

We also understand how hard it can be to find the right job, especially in the cut-throat world of Global Hospitality. Sifting through those jobs that are available and relevant to you is a daunting and time consuming task. That’s where we can help.

We work with the best companies in the industry – let your search stop here……

Our clients range from prestige global brands to local award-winning boutiques properties and independent operators and contractors. Companies which will allow you to be happy, successful and flourish within your career.

What else is special about HSI

We listen to you

We want to help you with your career aspirations and goals. We are interested in you. We want to know where you have been and where you are going. The more we know about your career plans and your aspirations, the better we can help.

We know your industry

As we have hospitality experience ourselves we know how to be successful in the industry, and we can pass that knowledge on to you. We provide help and advice every step of the way – from finding you the right opportunity to preparing you for the interview beforehand. Once you’ve met the company we will get you constructive, honest and meaningful feedback from both them and you. If a job offer results then we can negotiate on your behalf, we will help you negotiate your salary, benefits, relocating allowance, start dates and accommodation. We will then guide you though the relocation and “on-boarding”, watching at a distance you career flourish.

Preparation is King

We offer you pre-interview preparation, providing you reading material, information, coaching and tips to what the client is “looking for” and their “drivers”. More than 90% of our candidates get a job offer after a full interview preparation.

We are Professional and Confidential

We understand that confidentiality is important. We treat all your personal details with respect and we will always discuss a role with you before speaking to our clients. We take the issue of trust very seriously.

We assist candidates in the job hunts process for free

We never charge you or take a cut of your wages.

We have roles which you won’t find anywhere else

Our Managing Directors have built up really strong, trusting relationships with our clients over the years in the four corners of the world, so we often hear of vacancies and opportunities before anyone else and, often, exclusively. Once you are registered we will do the hard work and contact suitable clients who match our current client role requirements.

Direct Candidate search facility

We are also very well connected. Where possible should we feel you have the skills required we can approach on your behalf the companies we work for and that you want to work with, even if they are not actively recruiting, to see if there a possibility within the company for you coming up.

We are proud to be associated with these leading and luxury hotel and resort companies and we are grateful for their continued support and confidence in our ability to serve them.

Our association with these market leaders has strengthened our belief that the personal service provided in these companies should be reflected in, and start with us — from the very beginning it is the recruitment of the people that makes a hotel great and they are responsible for its reputation in years to come.

We understand the dynamic environment in which our clients operate and we recruit the leaders that will shape the future of the hospitality industry.

No matter whether you are a recent graduate or experienced professional we are here to offer you personal career advice.

Do not delay. Your dream job could be around the corner. Register with us today.