FAQ - Employer

I have a vacancy - how do I register it?

What regions or territories do you cover?

Hospitality Search International operates from the UK and we work with clients in the following locations:-

Europe, Eastern Europe, The Baltics, Middle East, Africa, Caribbean, South East Asia, China, Australia Asia and the Asia-Pacific.

How long can it take to find the right candidate?

It depends on how urgent, sensitive or demanding the vacancy is. Some searches can be started right away, others require careful consideration of who we will target for the role. Typically, we aim to go from client brief to approved shortlist in 7 -20 days or less depending on how reactive the client is also. We aim to move as fast as possible, but not too fast. To do the job correctly and to find the right talent and individual is the most important outcome.

How much does it cost?

We mainly work on a contingency basis (unless agreed otherwise) so you only pay when we have success and you find the right person that is hired and contracted. Fees are based on a percentage of the candidate’s basic salary. There is a rate card so you are able to opt for the fee that best suits your requirements. On the very rare occasion that it does not work out, you have the comfort of a rebate system or a free of charge replacement, to ensure you have peace of mind and retain a feeling of receiving value for money. For repeat or volume requirements, special terms are available.

Can you help understand salaries and benchmark?

We will be able to provide salary survey information by job type and location around the areas we trade. Such information can be useful early on, if you are looking to attract the best talent or are suffering from high attrition.

When you contact us one of our consultants will begin discussing your requirements to start planning how best to reach the right candidates for the vacancy. Where possible, and when we are in the region, we will then arrange to visit your business to fully understand the company & vacancy to ensure a successful outcome for all concerned. Once we have signed terms in place we start the recruitment process for you by searching, reviewing, interviewing, selecting and then presenting candidates for the role in question.