6 Reasons why using Hospitality Search International will greatly benefit your business

Great news for job seekers – at present the demand for staff is at its highest. This, however, brings bad news for employers with the increasing struggle to find workers with the right skills to fill these vacancies.

This increase in demand has seen many businesses, even those with well-established HR departments, turning to agencies for recruitment help.

One of the main recruitment problems is finding the ‘perfect candidate’; this is someone with the right skills for the job who intends on staying with the company and adding value. Good candidates, however, do not stay active jobseekers for very long and many high quality candidates will not read the job pages or visit online job boards as they are passive or hidden. This, along with the numerous others issues that accompany HR procedures, are why out sourcing your challenging recruitment may be the best way forward!

One of the subjects that we see raised regularly by our clients is whether it is worth doing your recruiting in house for a specific position. So, here are the main benefits of using HSI.

1) Cost effective

The cost of hiring staff may be higher than you think. Although agencies have always been thought of as an expensive service, it may actually save you money in the long run due to:

  • Time saving methods
  • Save on job board/ advertising cost
  • Often better quality of candidates that apply directly

2) You will be able to expand your reach & passive candidates

Some candidates are hard to find, but HSI have the ability to deliver them right to your doorstep. It’s a proven fact that approximately 60% of the market is passive and many of these candidates would be off the radar or hard to find for a Hotel or Restaurant Company as these candidates are currently working for a competitor. Whilst not actively job searching, passive candidates will often seek out specialist recruitment agencies to keep them updated on opportunities that may arise. A vast network and multiple hiring tools means HSI can be more effective and efficient in finding your ideal candidates. We have decades of experience in the field and know where and how to look, whilst also having the clear benefit of a huge network and database full of potential candidates! This also means access to all of the best ‘passive’ candidates in your industry. Those who are not actively looking or applying for roles, of which you would otherwise miss out on.

3) You will be choosing from candidates, not applicants.

A vacancy will always attract applicants, whether they are actively responding to an advertisement or through your website. The majority may not be good matches for the position, then a lot of time will be invested in filtering, assessing, and matching with no results. Through the help of a HSI, you will be able to reach candidates who truly are job seekers and who have been approached and pre-selected to meet the criteria and demands that you have set. Your recruitment team may not be able to run a thorough matching process without an agency. A lot of your efforts and budget when hiring for a role can be spent on attracting applicants through advertising. Many of these applicants will not be a good fit for your organisation. Using HSI grants you access to candidates that are more suited to your requirements.

4) Your eyes and ears

We have years of knowledge in the market. Working in partnership with your hiring team, HSI can be your eyes and ears in the market. We have a wealth of knowledge in the industry, an understanding of salary expectations, where and how to find available talent.

5) Your Image/Brand

HSI will always promote your brand. In building a relationship with us, we can then give potential candidates an insight into your business and present a positive, outside view of what you do and how great it is to work for you. Letting HSI get to know your brand and culture not only allows us to effectively sell your business and answer any questions from potential candidates but it also allows us to find the perfect cultural fit.

6) Nothing to lose!

Ultimately, you have nothing to lose. HSI operates on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis meaning if a suitable candidate is not found then you don’t have to pay. It is however advised against using too many agencies, as it will become difficult to manage the process. You do not pay anything upfront plus, if the candidate who is placed isn’t the right fit, you are given a free replacement within the agreed guarantee period.

Overall, using HSI has numerous benefits. We’d love to hear from you so if you have questions please feel free to ask.